TRUSST, LLC was formed to identify exceptional real estate investment opportunities with the goal of generating an aggressive return on investment for our investors. Leveraging the team's hands-on real estate experience and relationships, TRUSST identifies properties that have the potential for significant capital appreciation through development, redevelopment, or improved management.

TRUSST will identify opportunities to purchase distressed properties in specifically targeted areas of the DC metropolitan region which we will then rehabilitate and subsequently sell at a profit to TRUSST and our investors. Our strategy targets lower-to-middle income areas while building capital in order to position ourselves for a move into higher cost neighborhoods inside the Beltway.

TRUSST will rely on its industry experience and leverage our various licenses, credentials, and partners to close lean transactions quickly resulting in greater profits than typical real estate transactions. TRUSST will leverage relationships with various industry connections and partners to source potential opportunities. Our ability to utilize these efficiencies will be paramount to maximizing the rate of return on our investments.  

With a combined 50+ years of experience in the DC real estate market TRUSST executes its investment strategy by committing to its guiding principles:

·         Working with integrity and transparency.

·         Achieving superior returns through the creative use of capital and disciplined, hands-on asset management, and an in-depth knowledge of our market.

·         Exceeding investor expectations for service, returns, and performance of our investments.

·         Creating deal flow through extensive broker, lender, investor, and operator contacts.

·        Pairing an entrepreneurial spirit with proven execution.